Personal Finance Academy Helping Middle Income Families

J Advisory was created by our Founder Ka Hoe who recognized a big gap in financial education in the community. J stands for 家 which literally means family, home in Chinese. 

J Advisory is a movement for improving wealth, health & happiness of a family, which is the foundation of any happy family.


Ka Hoe has helped me change my financial outlook to be a smarter spender, saver and investor ever since he shared with me the ICE JAR concept. Without him sitting down with me, tweaking my financials, I wouldn’t be able to confidently build my portfolio that is suitable to my risk profile. 

With the simple concept I was able to buy 2 properties worth 1.7 million in 3 years, pay off a renovation loan of RM70K, set aside RM500 per month for my daughter’s education fund and have a saving habit of RM3-4K per month. I am really grateful to have him share his experience with me.

Manager at KPMG

“Ka Hoe has help me get a deeper understanding of my insurance planning and my family wealth protection needs. I would definitely recommend my friend to benefit from this cost saving optimization process. ”

IT Manager

“Ka Hoe is my financial GPS, because he helped to point me in the right direction. Before I use the ICE JAR concept, I was only 30% sure of my financials. But after I got to know him when I was invited to one of his sharing sessions, then I felt 100% confident on my financial management. ”

Information Technology Manager

“My wife and I have benefited tremendously from Ka Hoe’s coaching and advise, especially using ICE JAR which is easy to use and apply. In fact I feel more people should know about it and benefit from it as it’s the foundation for anyone learning to invest. My net worth has grown a lot ever since I met Ka Hoe. Keep it up.”

Chief Executive Officer

3 things that I’ve learnt from Ka Hoe:
1. Where I am financially
2. What is the next thing I need to do for my financial gaps
3. How to exceed from my expected networth

IT Consulting

“Ka Hoe has brought me through a very informative and structured financial planning process. He helped to show me my current financial standing and allow me to understand my insurance plan at a deeper level in terms of the gaps and coverage. ”


“Would definitely recommend Ka Hoe as he helps me make wiser financial decision now for the long run. Perhaps Ka Hoe can improve on shortening the lengthy and tedious process and prepare visual aid in understanding the cost benefit that I’ve saved. ”

IT Services