Course Overview

Are you spending more time than ever, to do more administrative work due to shortage of cash?

Are you eager to find out the money management habits of successful entrepreneurs?

Discover how to achieve stronger financial health in 30 minutes with a proven tool - ICE JAR

What You Will Learn

  • Find out how you can assess your financial health by using this simple Financial Compass

  • You will find out in less than 30 mins, are you over spending, over committing or over investing

  • Begin on the journey to find the balance, in your life again

3 Keys Takeaways from M1: ICE JAR

  • Be equipped with a Financial Compass to give you direction to safety

  • Discover where you are financially

  • Learn how to navigate your family out of this crisis

Bonus Content

  • ICE JAR Workbook

    Our proven set of tools that will enable you to find out your financial health

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Student Testimonial


“After attended M1: ICE JAR, I've learnt that I need to start investing and cut back on my expenses”

“The ICE JAR method let's me understand on what I have been doing wrong for the past years. ”

“M1:ICE JAR taught me how to work out my commitments vs. investment vs. expenses and determine which area I'm in deficit or surplus”


"ICE JAR" is a proven tool used by the wealthy & successful on growing their wealth. It is a habit that is conscious to some but not conscious to many.