For the person on the street (Retail Investor) looking for a system for stock investment

  • Beginner who like to invest in stocks & shares but do not know where to begin

  • Stock investors who have been trying to stock pick using gut feel or investing based on friend’s hear say

  • Someone investing in stocks for a long time but still unable to find a proven & systematic way to make money

Meet Your Trainer

Ka Hoe Ng


Ka Hoe is a financial practitioner & a financial coach having been in the financial industry for the past 12 years & started coaching his clients since 2007. He is also a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) under Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC).

He is passionate about financial planning & recognizes a big gap in financial education in the community. A practitioner himself, his experiences include double digit property ownership, owns 2 businesses and successfully raised RM 600K through a private crowdfunding. Those were the silver lining as a result of navigating out of 3 of his crises and surviving to share it. for others to learn from his mistakes.

He has spent the past 12 years experiencing & experimenting on personal finance growth hacks & investment strategies taught by many teachers & gurus. Along the years, he has innovated many strategies, hacks & tools to add value to his 300 clients & have helped 70+ families to date, who are mostly senior managers, managers & executives from MNCs. He saw that most financial problems were merely the symptoms & very often by solving the problems in Health & Relationship, we solve the root cause of most financial problems.

Ka Hoe also holds a BSc in Computer Science & has been invited to speak at conferences across Malaysia & Singapore.

Testimonials on Trainer

“My wife & I have benefited tremendously from Ka Hoe, especially ICE JAR which is easy to use & apply. In fact I feel more people should know about it & benefit from it as it is the foundation for anyone learning to invest. My net worth has grown a lot ever since I met Ka Hoe. Keep it up ”


“Ka Hoe has helped change my financial outlook to be a smarter spender, saver & investor ever since he shared with me the ICE JAR system. With this simple concept, I was able to buy 2 properties worth RM 1.7 Mil in 3 years, pay off a renovation loan of RM 70K, set aside RM 500/mth for my daughter’s education fund & have a saving habit of RM 3-4K /mth. I am grateful to have him share his experience with me”


“Ka Hoe is very helpful and down to earth, with his many years experiences helping himself & others, he can give you the immediate results which you never think can be done this way. Appreciate very much from my bottom of my heart, Ka Hoe. Hope you continue to help more people”

Jonathan Ng

“Had a 1 to 1 session with Ka Hoe. It was insightful. He delivered his advice & perspective in such a concise and easy to understand manner that is pretty much what is needed for anyone who’s interested in personal finance. Thx Ka Hoe for this”


What You'll Learn

How to use a Proven Money Tool to systematically pick profitable companies & undervalued stocks

  • Step by Step

    Use Proven Money Tool to save you 2 months of time & effort to filter 5 to 6 'Hidden GEMs' out of the 900 companies in Bursa Malaysia stock exchange

  • Simple & Practical

    Covers the Hidden GEM System 5 key criteria that you can take action right away

  • Guided & data backed

    Reduce your anxiety & worry of listening to the uncle and aunties in pasar what stock to buy. Be guided with 5 years of stored data extracted from a reliable source ( for you to make informed decisions.

Testimonials on Course

“Thanks to the HIDDEN GEM System CHEAT SHEET, my stock picks was able to gain 13-14% over a 5 months period. I must say the HIDDEN GEM System community & Ka Hoe’s guidance surely has helped. Great to see others doing well too”


“Thank you so much as this course gave me direction to focus on & I am able to build a portfolio of stocks. To date I have profit on paper - 15% after 3 months as previously I was chasing stocks. Now I just buy & patiently let it grow”


“After attending the HIDDEN GEM System, I manage to get a return of 8% within 6 months. What’s most interesting is when I saw the list of stocks, I thought to myself, this is not an ordinary list, but a CHEAT SHEET where I could use to to pick undervalued companies in a short amount of time. Just nice for someone like me who always wanted data backed investment decision & guidance but too busy to do anything about it. Highly recommended (in fact recommended a few ppl to this class myself) ”


Are You Seizing The Opportunities
Or Are You Focusing On the Crisis?

Seizing the moment.
Once you lay down all the groundwork to put you in position to capture opportunities.
Highlights include:

  • Simple & Practical - Covers 5 key criteria that you can take action right away

  • A proven money tool to systematically pick profitable companies & undervalued stocks. Use this proven money tool to save you 2 months of time & effort to filter 5 to 6 'Hidden GEM' out of the 900 companies in Bursa Malaysia stock exchange

  • Guided & Data Backed - Reduce your anxiety & worry of dart throwing while stock picking & be guided to make an informed decision with 5 years of stored data from a reliable source (

Bonus included today


    A list of companies with 5 years of consecutive net profit filtered out of the 900 companies in the Bursa Malaysia stock exchange. This will allow you to stock pick immediately using the Hidden GEM System 5 key criteria

  • Monthly Coaching Call

    Be part of the DYN Monthly Mentorship monthly call so you can start asking 'practical' real-world challenges you may face using the Hidden GEM System

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime Access to J Advisory - SAM Community where you get exponantial learning through peer-to-peer support. Learn from other like-minded investors their best practices that help them get their results.

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