Does this sound like you? Your inner voice. Constantly asking questions you don’t have an answer for. Neither can you turn to people around you.

  • How can I work my money harder,so I don’t have to work so hard?
  • Why isit my savings doesn’tseem to grow?
  • Why isit that no matter what I do, I can’tseem to be able to save?
  • How can I learn to invest when I don’t even have time for myself?
  • How can I make passive income asI am due for retirement soon?

If you asking this question too, I know how you feel. I spoke to thousands of people before you, who have the same feeling because we never learn “Money” in school. 

So that is why I started J Advisory to help you

Discover How You Can Double Your Wealth Without Being An Investment Expert So That You Can Have More Time With Your Loved Ones

Hi! My name is Ka Hoe and my mission is to help you overcome your anxiety and uncertainties around money by elevating your Financial IQ through proven tools, systems and strategies.

“How?” you may ask.

Imagine... what would you do if you could 4x your wealth in 2 years? Don’t believe it right?

This is Jarod, (an Audit Manager for KPMG Malaysia) in a recent review we did. Through the 5-step DYN Framework he learnt, he went from having a networth of RM 36k+ to RM 123k+ in 2 years. That’s growing 4x from a 5-figure to a 6-figure networth, isn’t that impressive? I was equally happy for Jarod as well. He couldn’t believe it too.

On top of that, he did it when he was having a negative cash flow of RM 216 a month when we first met in July 2021 (refer to the diagram below). This doesn’t sound too bad of course, until Jarod tells you he is looking at a potential deficit of RM 3k+ per month as

  1. His wife is expecting to deliver their firstborn child 4 months later (Nov 2021)
  2. And he needs to start paying RM 2500/mth for his newly completed property at about the same time

Can you feel his pain now?I know I can. Why? Cause I came back from a deficit of RM 5,000/mth and live to tell my story. How? I was lucky enough to learn real-world proven money systems, strategies and principles that kept me alive.

And I want to share them with you, only if you are serious enough to learn.

Is This For You? Still there? Read on if you are someone

  • Dedicated to being the absolute best you can be
  • Willing to take massive action because you wish to be at the mastery level achieving breakthrough results others can only wish for 
  • Humble about your achievements but yet courageous enough to take action despite failures
  •  Fiercely determined to do what you say you will do

In short, you are an Ordinary person who desires Extraordinary results.

I can help you if you fit some of these criterias (on the left)

This is how I help them create these amazing results

1) Raymond increase his wealth by 180x within 2 years

2) BK grew his stock portfolio 3.5x from rm66k to rm 240k in 3 years

3) Monica grew RM 113k in less than 1 year although she is just starting to learn how to invest.

4) Simon grew his networth by 25% within 1 year.

Discover how you can Double Your Wealth using the 5-step DYN Framework so that you can work your money 2x harder. Join us in DYN+ Community

DYN+ Community is a continuous learning journey where you can have fun and have gain.

It consists of a combination of Double Your Networth Suite - 24/7 on-demand eLearning course + 2 Days Unlimited Attendance Live Webinar to help you create amazing money results using my proprietary 5-step DYN Framework.

It consists of 3 Attack Strategies (Free Up -> Invest -> Compound)

And 2 Defense Strategies (Maximize -> Optimize).

In a few easy words, Double Your Networth Suite allow you to download this DYN Mindset to have a balanced attack and defence, just like how you approach a football competition.

You can never win if you purely playing defence or attacking all the way. You need to have a balanced strategy of both defence and attack.

“How does this relate to me?” you may ask

Similarly, in your financial journey, you need a balanced attack (invest) and defence (paying down your loans).

Don’t you see most of us normally are very conservative, focusing only on clearing our debts?

This is the main issue, without investing you would not be able to move forward. You won’t be able to cross the finish line. In simple words, you won’t be able to retire.

Additionally, do you realize all championship coaches have their own playbook?

The winning tools, systems and strategies?

That is why I developed a personalized handbook with 25+ 'done for you' templates to guide you towards winning in your financial journey, sweet?

What you will learn in DYNS:

Module 1 - Accelerate

Personalize: Personalize your Financial Freedom Number so that you know where your finish line is. That is how you can retire 5 - 10 years earlier if you know where your finish line is.

Buy G.O.O.D Assets: Learn our advanced Hidden GEM System so that you will be able to spot G.O.O.D assets at below-market value prices using value investing without doing the hard lifting of screening 900 stocks in Bursa Malaysia

Module 2 -Elevate

Be The Ultimate Investor: Learn The Ultimate Investor Framework so that you are able to pick up G.O.O.D assets regardless of what deals you are presented moving forward. You will be able to tell what is the underlying asset you are investing in.

Module 3 - Optimize

Pay Less Interest Than Ever Before: Learn to pay 50% less interest so that you can pay off your housing loan in half the time. Don’t fret if you don’t have any housing loan. You will learn how to see interest in your mind, what others can’t see with their eyes so that you can create an unfair advantage.

Module 4 - Compound

Art of Asset Allocation: Compound your return by understanding what return you are getting now, so you can take a low-risk and high return for 80% of your assets to work for you

Join DYN+ to Begin Your Double Your Networth Journey

Here’s why you need to attend

Right now, many Malaysians are suffering because they cannot retire. Only 3% of Malaysians can retire according to the EPF 2022 report

You see, the number 1 reason Malaysians can’t retire is the lack of Financial Education being taught early in school. Malaysians are not equipped to make wise money decisions and end up being unable to save and plunge deeper into debt.

This situation became so chronic that the government and institutions came together to form the Financial Education Network and develop the Malaysia National Strategy for Financial Literacy Plan 2019 -2023

All these happened because of 1 fundamental shift that happened in 1972 And it still scares me today that many still are not aware of the impact and what they need to do, to get ahead and stay ahead

That is why I have studied and invested my time in the past 14 years to simplify the understanding of money so that it is easy enough for you to double your wealth and be ahead of the game.

And I will be sharing all these insights with you through my in-depth case studies in Double Your Networth Suite

If you want to discover how to easily grow your wealth with proven real-world systems without being an investment expert, register here

Join DYN+ to Begin Your Double Your Networth Journey

Together with all the bonuses you will get that is purposefully designed to guide you step-by-step.

1) Financial Compass e-Course - First, you need to find out where you are financially and how hard is your money working for you (Value at RM 497)

2) Financial Compass 1-to-1 Consultation with JA Coaches - 60 Minutes private & exclusive session to discuss your financial situation, identify the challenges and develop the strategies to create your money breakthrough results (Value at RM 1,000)

3) DYN Playbook - While you are going through your DYN suite, you have a personalized handbook with 25+ 'done for you' templates to guide you towards your financial freedom journey. This will save you time and focus on getting your breakthrough results. (Value at RM 1,497)

4) 12 Months Bursa Cheat Sheet- On top of that you will get the Bursa Cheat Sheet so you can save time without having to go through 900+ companies in Bursa Malaysia to find your Undervalued + Profitable Stock to work your money 2x harder. (Value at RM 1,997)

5) DYN Monthly Mentorship - A follow-up and follow-through program Monthly Q & A Zoom for 12 Months to help clarify all your queries while taking action and being supported by other like-minded DYN Community Members (Value at RM 997)

6) 10K Challenge - JA’s proven signature follow-up and follow-through program to help you achieve your RM 10K in 2 months with the support of JA’s coaches and accountability buddies (Value at RM 1,997)

7) Invitation to Lawatan Sambil Belajar - Invitations to community events to learn and network with like-minded professionals. 4 x community events to possible site visits of potential investors or even future retirement locations like Bali, Australia or even Portugal. (Value at RM 3,000)

8) Community Investment Opportunities - Invitations to investment opportunities that are exclusive that I am investing in as well so we can work our money harder together. JA practices no kickback commission as we are not an investment club that sells deals to members (Value at RM 3,000)

Be an early bird & lock in your seats at early bird prices. At J Advisory, we believe in “the early bird gets the worm”

Join DYN+ to Begin Your Double Your Networth Journey

Join DYN+ to Begin Your Double Your Networth Journey

There is risk-free for you as I am offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if there is not ONE thing you learned from attending this course.

It's simple: Join the program and go through the Double Your Networth Suite. If there's not 1 thing you learn from the powerful tools, systems and strategies in DYNS, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises and I'll give you all your money back., 

So what are you waiting for? Join now

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Why am I doing what I am doing?

I believe everyone has the right to education, particularly Financial Education. Because I believe that “With Knowledge, One Can Overcome Poverty”.

But sadly we never learn Financial Education in school. I believe this is the No 1 reason why so many of us are struggling financially in Malaysia, being the No 2 highest debt-to-GDP ratio country in South East Asia.

I set out on a mission to create the 1st Debt-Free Community to help 1 Mil Malaysians overcome anxiety and uncertainties by working their money 2x harder so that they can retire 5 - 10 years earlier.

Inspired to help during MCO and Covid-19, I personally went through 3 crises in the past 14 years. So I know how it feels to go through financial difficulty.

Who Is Ka Hoe?

I started J Advisory, a Personal Finance Academy with the intention to help executives, managers and working professionals overcome their anxiety and uncertainty during Covid-19 lockdown by elevating their financial IQ with proven money tools, systems and strategies .

J Advisory's mission is to create the 1st Debt-Free Community to help 1 Million Malaysians

Over the last 3 years, I have helped more than 5,000+ Malaysians improve their financial well-being through J Advisory's webinars and external speaking invitations like Taylor's University, Sunway University, Crowe Howarth, Smart Investor, JCI, Money Compass, Common Ground & etc. I have also helped 21 Malaysians be Debt-Free since 2020.

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