Have you felt this way before?

  • Every month when my salary comes in after I pay off my debt & makan, everything is just ngam ngam (just enough) with nothing left to save. Some months I am a few thousand ringgit short when my car breaks down or when I need to help my mom out when she is short (not enough money for the month). I feel I need to be there for my loved ones but how can I help them, when I can’t even help myself?

  • I felt happy & worried at the same time when my wife told me she was pregnant. Happy because we are starting out our family. But feeling more worried on how am I going to support the additional expenses since I don’t even have savings now. Where am I going to find money to buy diapers, milk powder? How am I going to save up for my baby’s education? Even now, I feel depressed every time my wife asks me whether I have started our baby’s education fund. She doesn’t know how bad my (financial) situation is and it is eating me inside.

  • I can’t sleep at night worrying why my credit card debt seems to be getting bigger and bigger even though I keep paying it off. The way my family looks at me, because if my wife & my kids ask for something like a handbag or for holiday, it upsets me (when I can’t provide). I hope I can bring them somewhere really nice. My worst fear is I can’t do that for them. Especially when they ask something that I cannot fulfil, that’s my worst fear.

  • I never thought I would fall into the same trap (scams) but it turns out to be a 'money game’/ pyramid scheme & I am even worse off than before. All I wanted was a chance to get out of this s***hole. I feel so stupid. I am so angry with myself. I don’t know how to face my family.

  • I feel like giving up, as whatever I do, doesn't seem to work. Is not that I don’t take the initiative to learn. But with so many different viewpoints from so many gurus & YouTubers, I am even more confused now compared to before I started. I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t take action to start.

What's going on here?

Why do we live in this modern time, blessed with an abundance of information but yet more Malaysians are getting into their financial mess?

Is it because what we want exceeds what we can afford?

Is it because we have been brainwashed with the only way of living life to the fullest, is to live luxuriously. YOLO? (You Only Live Once)

The financial mess also affects those who just want to live a simple life. Cost of living has been eating into our purchasing power over the past 60 years since independence.

Why was it that during our parent’s time everything seemed to be enough even though they had to raise 10 kids but we don’t seem to have enough even before having any kids?


Regardless of what the real answer is, one thing is for sure. All those friends that shared with me have one thing in common. 

They have this common SYMPTOM of not being able to save.

Of having an outstanding balance on their credit card, personal loans that keep getting bigger over time.

Some may even have to dig into their savings because every month seems to be ‘short’. And seeing the savings account almost reaching ‘0’, it is depressing for them to keep looking at their bank account.

What should I do?

How do you get out of it?


“How would you feel, when you find out you are RM 18,000 short every month?”

James (not his real name) came into my workshop. Found out he got into this situation due to his business failures, being a victim in scams & over-investing in properties.

"Here James's situation before the Debt Consolidation"

  • Company loan, personal loans, creditor & car loan close to RM 752,000 (not including his property loans)

  • Negative cash flow of RM 18,429 (Outflow more than monthly salary)

  • Earns a good salary of RM 27,000/month (including Rental income of RM 7,000/mth)

  • His total loan repayment came up to RM 22,360/month

“One of the strategies we use to help him is Debt Consolidation Strategy”

Here is how Debt Consolidation Strategy as an overview

Since he had multiple loans, we use Debt Consolidation Strategy to organize all the loans into 1 Consolidated Loan & 1 repayment. 

One advantage he had was that he bought properties early in his career. The properties have appreciated over the years. That way we could use that property as a “container” to consolidate all his personal loans, creditor loans & car loans.

“After applying Debt Consolidation Strategy, James was so relieved”

After guiding him using the strategy, here’s what happened

  • Reduce instalment payment of RM 8,860/month after restructuring his debts from RM 22,360 to RM 13,500 per month

  • Save on interest rate of 3-6% averagely from his personal loans & creditor loans

  • Save a total interest of 78,602 out of the total interest of RM 146,620

“I brought my whole family for a picnic at the farms & seaside“

“I can only say thank you as I did not expect I could get this kind of result from joining his workshop”, these were James’s words. I saw him start enjoying more of his life with his family. Going to picnics at the farms & seaside, to having a steamboat at home, I was so happy for him.

This is the 1 of the strategy of How JAMES free himself after attending Debt-Free Code Course (DFC)



STRATEGY - Be Debt-Free



Hosted by


DEBT-FREE CODE is an 8-week, online, on-demand HD video course that gives you proven debt solutions & money management techniques to help you confidently in overcoming your financial mess

You will learn to do it yourself even without any prior experience and start to break free from stress & worry. This is not a course on concepts & ideas but a course with a step by step guidance & syllabus, designed to give clarity and produce results. 

It will help you make better money decisions and strategically prevent you from wasting time & money so you can spend more time with your loved ones. 


  • A Debt-Free blueprint that helps you understand the debt-free process that frees you from stress and worry

  • 6 in-depth lessons teaching you everything you need to know to break free from being chained in debt 

  • Breaking down 3 real-world case studies for you to see and learn step by step how we helped real people get out of their debt so you can apply them to your situation 

  • How the bank uses credit evaluation criteria and benchmarks to approve loans. This will give you an unfair advantage so you can overcome your debt situation faster

  • Workbook and Templates to give you clarity and actionable steps to take towards your freedom

  • How to set up your money automation process to save you time so you can spend more of it with your loved ones and even do the things you love

  • One of a kind techniques developed from 12 years of Licensed Financial Planner's experience to be practical and give you maximum results.

  • How to double your savings to reach up to RM 30k a year*

  • How to reduce your commitment of up to 30% and claim back your power to save and invest from now on

  • Newfound clarity on your financial situation to see the blind spots never seen before


1. Please come only if you wish to make a CHANGE

2. The amazing results I was able to help generate were possible ONLY because those individuals took ACTION on their part

3. As much as it is possible for you to get similar results, it is also possible that you will not. The individuals that attended my workshop and achieved positive results are DRIVEN & persistent ACTION TAKERS who properly implemented their learnings

In short, this course is for someone who wants to make a DIFFERENCE, a better version of themselves



Ka Hoe Ng


Ka Hoe is a financial practitioner & a financial coach having been in the financial industry for the past 12 years & started coaching his clients since 2007. He is also a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) under Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC).

He is passionate about financial planning & recognizes a big gap in financial education in the community. A practitioner himself, his experiences include double digit property ownership, owns 2 businesses and successfully raised RM 600K through a private crowdfunding. Those were the silver lining as a result of navigating out of 3 of his crises and surviving to share it. for others to learn from his mistakes.

He has spent the past 12 years experiencing & experimenting on personal finance growth hacks & investment strategies taught by many teachers & gurus. Along the years, he has innovated many strategies, hacks & tools to add value to his 300 clients & have helped 70+ families to date, who are mostly senior managers, managers & executives from MNCs. He saw that most financial problems were merely the symptoms & very often by solving the problems in Health & Relationship, we solve the root cause of most financial problems.

Ka Hoe also holds a BSc in Computer Science & has been invited to speak at conferences across Malaysia & Singapore.


common ground
scm asia




  • “What property should I buy?” - is a common question of those who are successfully debt-free

  • “Feel so relieved as I can save now, all my debt are under control & I can finally buy REAL assets. Now I start to understand HOW the game of WEALTH is being played”


  • “Finally, I can sleep well at night knowing I can put aside an emergency fund in case any s*** were to happen again”

  • “So glad to feel I am moving forward. Don’t feel guilty anymore as I can finally put money aside for my baby’s education. Don’t feel so useless as a father anymore”


  • “Don't have to feel anxious & worry of not being able to put food on the table. Finally, I feel so empowered to be the ‘man’ in the house”


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The main reason I attend your session is, I know there's something that I can do about it. It's just that I do not know where to start.

Even my background is in finance, but certain things we are still not sure about, that's why I seek your professional advice. 

Just like your analogy of losing weight, when I do it I know there's something I missed out on, I just do not know what but when I attended your session it becomes clear. And the most important thing I know I still have hope.

So that's the reason I want to take control of my situation right now before it is going out of control 

- Zaleha, June 2021 participant

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Actually, I think most of the content is quite good. Like from the case studies you bring up the lectures. And different case studies can learn different things. I think that one was quite good to me because I can understand from a case study how these things are linked to actual situations.

ICE JAR is really something important to me if we are really able to get out of this. Then start to know how to allocate the money accordingly and how to define like commitment and expenses, investment then can manage them better.  

- Edward, June 2021 participant

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The IBR part was quite a big thing because I was sharing all these sessions with my husband and my father also. I told them that I attended your class and what I learnt from it. I like all of your sharing as it was very practical because I have attended other classes before, many people would be like - I teach you how to earn million dollars but the thing is, there is a big gap between me and the million dollars

But yours is a bit closer so that it feels easier you know like "Oh, I think I can do that first. Then after I do that, eventually I will see how I can do a better thing so that I can really reach a million dollars (for example)"

The reason I attended your class was that my husband and I have debts. I like IBR because it kind of lets me know which part (debt) is the one that if I want to clear it, I know which is the one that I should do first. 

Kar Mun, June 2021 participant


  • Financial Health Report (Valued at RM1500)

  • Debt Management template
    (Valued at RM97)

  • Your Personality Report & Interpretation
    (Valued at RM97)

  • 10K Challenge to help you be Debt-Free (Valued at RM997)

  • Lifetime Access to J Advisory Community (Priceless)


  • Q1) How do I afford this class when I am already in Debt?

    One of the main reasons why you are in debt is due to a lack of understanding of how money works, how the debt system works. Our education system did little to prepare us. By investing in your financial education, you will come out stronger and confident in managing your debt situation.

  • Q2) Are you asking me to enrol in AKPK after this class?

    No, we don’t specifically ask our students to enrol in AKPK after the class unless their situation is very severe to the point of being sued in bankruptcy. A big proportion of our student’s situation can be easily managed. In fact, what we promise you, after attending this course, you will be able to have the clarity of making informed decisions and you will see why and how we help accelerate you out of your debt situation faster without enrolling in AKPK.

  • Q3) I am already in negative cash flow, is it suitable for me to sign up for this class?

    In fact, you need to sign up for this course even more so that you can learn how to overcome your negative cash flow situation. You need to understand whether it is an income problem or is it a debt problem?

  • Q4) What if I get an SMS that can help me do debt consolidation Free Of Charge? Do I still need to come in for this course?

    Yes, of course. How would you know whether they are doing it the right way for you? Since there are so many scams out there, you need to understand and protect yourself even more.

  • Q5) I got cheated RM 300K, can this course still help me?

    We had a student who was cheated out of RM 300K due to an investment scam and asked the exact same question. We helped him to understand his current financial situation and developed actionable strategies to overcome his financial mess. The last we heard, he came out of his RM 6,000 deficit and is now waiting for the good news of potentially recovering his RM 300k investment capital.

  • Q6) How does this course work?

    The Debt-Free Code is an online, self-paced video course. We have designed this course for you to finish all video modules within 4 weeks in your private student site - J Academy. You'll always be able to access your materials directly through J Academy. We have also included 2 Live Monthly Q & A Group Coaching sessions to support you in your pursuit to be Debt-Free. One important thing: Don't worry about falling behind. You have lifetime access to this material, so if you need to take a break, no problem — you can "resume" the material any time you want. In fact, how fast you finish the course depends on how severe your situation is.

  • Q7) If I am already in AKPK, how can this class help me?

    Debt-Free Code will help you understand the fundamentals to be Debt-Free through it’s blueprint and cash flow management technique. So if you are in AKPK already, you should understand your situation before AKPK and work out the potential to stand on your own two feet. Once you are able to, take baby steps to gain back your independence before being Debt-Free. Our Monthly Q & A session and 1 to 1 Personal Consultation will help support you step by step.

  • Q8) Is this course live?

    Debt-Free Code is a combination of 20 online video courses and Live Monthly Q & A Group Coaching. For the online video course, you can complete it at your own pace. The course comes with lifetime access so the strategies, tactics, and workbooks in this course will always be available to you, ready whenever you need them. As for the Live Monthly Q & A, it will be held once a month, so stay tuned via the Community Telegram Channel especially for DFC students.

  • Q9) What language will the class be conducted in? I am concerned I may not understand.

    English is the medium used to conduct all our courses.

  • Q10) How much time does it take to do this course per week?

    I recommend 1.5 hours to 3 hours per week to finish the weekly modules and exercises prepared for you. I will personally moderate all your assignments to ensure you are on the right track.

  • Q11) If I don't have a housing loan, can I still join this workshop? Is it still effective for me?

    Yes, I have included 3 real-world case studies to showcase to you how to overcome different situations. As different individuals have different and unique problems, you will be able to understand and apply the strategies through the case study. The main thing is your willingness to apply and attempt the strategies. No strategy can work if you don’t take action.

  • Q12) I just lost my job and have no income but I have a credit card and personal loan. Will the course still be suitable for me?

    Loss of income makes it harder to overcome your debt situation. We strongly suggest you get some form of income before coming into this course. Without income, it will be like you are trying to shoot a moving target. It will be very frustrating.

  • Q13) Does this work for international students?

    Although the cash management techniques and debt solutions are universal, all the case studies are only relevant to Malaysians thus far. I will update you once the syllabus is international friendly.

  • Q14) Does this course include material from other courses?

    The Debt-Free Code includes all-new material from my 12 years of experience and helping friends and students on how to be Debt-Free. I've also included, from other courses, some of my best materials on effective communication, building the right mindset and more. This course WILL teach you how to build positive habits rather than just ‘knowing’. But this course is not for everyone.

The Debt-Free Code is NOT for you if…

  • You're someone who doesn’t have a financial mess, doesn't have a debt problem that causes stress and worry (e.g Credit Card & Personal Loan). If you have comfortable monthly savings and consistently save more than 10% of your monthly income.

  • You only have housing loans and are looking for a way to save 50% interest on your housing loan and pay off half the time.  

  • You're just looking to learn the theory but don’t have the intention of taking action. Or if you have a history of procrastination.

  • You're afraid to find out why you're really stuck and take the problem head-on. 

  • You can't commit at least 2 hours a week to review and implement the course materials.

The Debt-Free Code IS for you if…

  • You're sick and tired of struggling with credit card debts, personal loans, friendly loans and other bad debts. You want to make a change, break free from this chain of debts.

  • You're tired of having little or no savings every month and want to use a proven system that can significantly increase your savings every month.

  • You're looking for a sustainable solution that can give you long term results rather than short term tactics that die off eventually.

  • You're willing to invest at least 2 hours a week in forming lasting habits.


How much time & money do you have to spend and learn in order to SOLVE all your Money Problems?

With an investment of RM 1497, your goal of SQUASHING all your BAD DREAMS will be realized

We want to create the 1st Debt-Free Community of helping 1 Million Malaysians.

What you will get in this Debt-Free Code

● 1 access to Debt-Free Code (online, on-demand HD video course)

● 6 Hours Workshop

● 20 Learning Modules

● 5 Bonuses worth RM2691



You must be wondering…

    What if I join the workshop & I am not satisfied because I can't learn anything at all

    Don’t Worry


If there is not ONE thing you learned from attending this course, I will refund you 100% of your registration fees. I insist. I will even bear the credit card processing fees. 

It's simple: Join the program and go through the Debt-Free Code. If there's not 1 thing you learn from the powerful tools, strategies and workbook in 30 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises and I'll give you all your money back., 

The guarantee lasts 30 days, which covers ALL the learning syllabus of this course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course syllabus and then decide if it's right for you.

Bonus worth RM 2691

  • Bonus #1 - Financial Health Report

  • Bonus #2 - Debt Management template

  • Bonus #3 - Your Personality Report & Interpretation

  • Bonus #4 - 10K Challenge to guide you to be Debt-Free

  • Bonus #5 - Lifetime Access to J Advisory Community for Support & Learning




The longer the DELAY, the more money & time is WASTED

    Don’t wait till the pain is not bearable before taking action

    Many feel that they don’t need Debt-Free skills because they feel they are ‘smarter’

    In the end, many suffer prolonged pain because we all make mistakes.

    And REGRET sets in, “I should have learned it the RIGHT way”


    It's already too late

    Loan Interests are compounding 

    Losing many years of your life, just to pay your ‘school fees 

    So please, I would like to appeal to you

    Don’t make the same mistake so many have made, including me, when I have to undergo the stress & pressure of carrying the debts, all alone 

    Business failures, got scammed   

    Property investments went wrong made to force sell ALL my assets to continue to service the loans

    Some properties have to be forced to sell at a loss

    But thankfully, I manage to settle it 1 by 1 

    And not realizing, the same strategy that has helped me, has helped others out there as well. 

    So I am confident!

    With an investment as low as RM 1497, this will help you to avoid your MILLION DOLLAR Mistakes 

    Don’t PROCRASTINATE any longer

    Let’s be DEBT-FREE!

    “Psst….If not today, when is the best time? 1 year from now, you will remember this as the smartest investment you made this year”

Terms & Conditions

Debt-Free Code Workshop (DFC) is a program of J Advisory. In this agreement J Advisory also known as “Company” and Debt-Free Code (DFC) also known as “Program”. The person registered in this program is also known as ‘Participant’

All strategies in this Program are not recommendations nor advice. This Program is a proprietary syllabus developed from a collection of past experience should not be taken as professional advice. If you are seeking professional advice, please consult a Licensed Financial Planner. You should do your own research and/or seek expert’s advice when overcoming your debt circumstances as every individual has a unique situation that requires in-depth understanding and solution personalization.

Participants fully indemnify the Company from all claims and liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the Program. 

Participants agree and understand that results differ from person to person. The company cannot guarantee specific results from participating in DFC

The company cannot be responsible for the Participant’s results throughout the entirety of this Program.

I have read all the terms & conditions and fully understand. With this, I agree with all the terms & conditions and register myself into this Program after reading, understanding and agreeable to all the specified terms & condition